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Building Conservation

Daily Operations

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Just by booking your event at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, your event is automatically green. We are dedicated to green! Every day, our staff thinks g1(greenfirst)® by collecting materials that are being disposed of and giving the materials to companies that turn them into usable product.

Green Daily!

Green is much more than recycling the traditional items of plastics, aluminum, glass, cardboard, paper, newspaper and wood. We also recycle the “not-so” traditional items of batteries, sod, water and food. To operate at the highest green level,

We are equipped with and monitor:

We purchase:

We use:

Our food service provider, Levy Restaurants, donates leftover food and composts unconsumed food & kitchen waste. Since 2005, Levy has maintained North Terrace garden boxes to grow the freshest herbs and vegetables.

With the strong building operation in place, our administration staff is also committed to sustainability and a health environment by using:

The DLCC’s green committee meets on a regular bases to explore new greening practices.