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Downtown Pittsburgh is surrounded by water — the Allegheny River, Ohio River, Monongahela River, and a hidden underground aquifier called the Wisconsin Glacial Flow which feeds Point State Park's fountain. The DLCC is committed to using the least amount of water possible.

More with Less

Our faucets, water fountains, and sinks are supplied with fresh clean municipal water. The waste water is recycled to the DLCC's on-site waste-water reclamation facility. This facility filters and sanitizes the building's wastewater for the flushing toilets which don't require clorinated water (called graywater). By using reclaimed waste water, five million gallons of fresh water is saved every year.

We conserve water outside the building as well. Planting species which are drought-tolerant and native or adaptive to southwestern Pennsylvania reduces the need for South Terrace's irrigation. These species thrive on natural rainfall, so irrigation can be saved for use only in extreme drought situations.

Another non-drinkable source is the Wisconsin Glacial Flow, or The Aquifier, which is located 50 feet beneath the DLCC. It is used in the 10th Street water feature and in the building’s mechanical systems, saving an additional three million gallons of drinking water each year.

These innovative strategies have reduced purchased water consumption by 66%, saving natural resources and energy. As a result, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center uses thirteen gallons less per visitor than similar facilities.