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The North Terrace

Bird Support Plants

Bird Support Native Plants

Birds have adapted to utilize native plants that provide food, cover, nesting sites or a combination of resources. Native plants provide food at different times of the year to birds in the form of seeds, fruit, nectar, or attract insects that use those plants. The growth habits of native plants present safe nesting sites and cover that protect birds from inclement weather and predators.

Colorful Nectar-filled Flowers

Birds help to pollinate plants, disperse their seeds, and eat harmful insects. Plants have evolved colorful, nectar-filled flowers and luscious, nutrient-packed fruits and seeds to nourish birds who assist in the plant's survival. The plants' limbs and leaves also offer nesting and shelter for birds to thrive.

Using native plants in your backyard landscape will offer the most resources to birds and wildlife. An ideal bird support area has a diverse selection of native plants for food, reproduction and shelter. It is important to incorporate layers of plan succession so blooms are present throughout the season. Our bird support native plants include: