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The North Terrace

Garden Boxes

Garden Box Plants

Levy Restaurants is the DLCC's exclusive food service provider who plants and maintains over 1,300 sq. ft. of garden boxes on the North Terrace. In the summer, these boxes are overflowing with organically-grown heirloom vegetables and herbs.

The Chef's Pride

The season's best starts here on the North Terrace with freshly-grown rooftop produce. Produce grown close to its end use is tastier and more nutritious. Shipping causes fruits and vegetables to degrade their nutrient value. So fresh is best!

Levy Restaurants cares for 27 boxes on the 4th floor terrace overlooking the Allegheny River and North Shore. Chef Tom plants a wide variety of tomatoes, strawberries, chives, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, lavender, and much much more.

To complete any garden, herbs are needed to enrich our rooftop vegetables and meats. The herbs grown on the roof produces 80% of all herbs used here at the DLCC.

When at the DLCC, make plans to visit our rooftop garden.