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The South Terrace

Heat Absorption

Heat Absorption

Traditional roofs made of dry, impermeable materials such as concrete and asphalt can exceed air temperatures by up to ninety degrees in the summer. This can cause urban areas to be significantly warmer than neighboring rural areas. This phenomenon is known as the urban heat island effect. Green Roofs provide an alternative.

A Cooler Option

The urban heat island effect results in higher demand for energy-intensive air conditioning. By absorbing sunlight and re-humidifying the air, our green roof limits surface heating and reduces the urban heat island effect. Studies by the Penn State Center show that even during the hottest Pittsburgh days, green roofs such as ours remain fifty degrees cooler than conventional roofs. Located on the South Terrace (3,000 sq. ft.), white pavers are made with a high-SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) material which helps reduce the urban heat island effect.