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The Riverfront Plaza

Recreation Trail

Recreation Trail

The banks of the Allegheny River have always been explored. In 1803, Lewis and Clark started their historic expedition from the riverfront located today on the northeast corner of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Travelers are able to bike, hike, or walk the riverfront on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

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The DLCC Riverfront Plaza forms an integral part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, a 22-mile recreational trail along Pittsburgh's three rivers — the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio. Visitors can relax and enjoy the fresh air and views, or head to Point State Park or the Strip District.

The landscaping alongside the Riverfront Plaza, as well as along the Convention Center’s eastern side located on 11th Street, is exclusively composed of plants indigenous to southwestern Pennsylvania. These species are already adapted to thrive in Pittsburgh’s normal environmental conditions, so there is no need for any pesticides, fertilizers, or excess irrigation. Additionally, planting these species restores riverfront habitat, providing food and shelter for the pollinating insects, birds, and migrating Monarch butterflies which are vital parts of the natural ecosystem.